Every country and every nation has its own traditions and customs. We cannot speak about the United Kingdom, the USA or Russia without speaking habits, customs, important celebrations. All peoples are proud of their national holidays and festivals, keep them carefully.

In this project you will investigate the most important holidays and celebrations in English-speaking countries and in Russia. You are invited to go on a jorney in order to have a quick overview of the historical aspect of the most favourite holidays New Year, Christmas. You will know their origin, symbols, traditions. Then, you will do different exercises. Finally, you have to make a presentation for our lesson ussing a multi-medium about the history of these holidays. To fulfill what we have planned for, you have to answer all the questions. So, let's surf the Net and gather as much information as possible about these popular holidays.


So this Web-Quest   “ Holidays and Selebrations” is intended for the students  of  8 Form.    Let's get started! Click on the "Task" button to find out what you need to do.